Warranty conditions

  • 1) The warranty only applies if there is no connection to a dedicated server - there is no internet connection.
  • 2) If your user account on a dedicated server is deleted, closed, locked, or changed password - this is not a warranty case, and there are no substitutions and no refunds.
  • 3) Guarantee for a dedicated server acts for 60 min (guarantee on the connection).
  • 4) Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you from liability!
  • 5) For replacement, please create a Ticket.
  • 6) Support response time from 5 min to 24 hours.

Imporatant!Our service does not brute-force servers! We provide a platform for sellers to sell their own servers! We provide ONLY warranty replacement of serverse, no refund is made, please acknowledge this before the purchase.
Our rules are the same for everyone!